Bernadette Hunter

Bernadette Hunter serves as the Head of Sales at FlavorCloud, with more than twenty years of experience in sales and marketing.

Bernadette taught herself to code in the late ’90s, which led to her first start-up role in Silicon Valley at the beginning of Y2K. Since then, she has held sales executive roles at big companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Yahoo.

When not helping ecommerce retailers efficiently ship cross-border, she is an avid senior dog foster mom, and in her spare time, she loves movies, gaming (Switch and Oculus), and all things pop culture.

Bernadette leads our Direct Sales team, partnering with merchants to scale their businesses. We’re thrilled to have her on our leadership team since June 2021.

Posts by Bernadette

5 Tips to Sell More with Cross-Border Shipping in 2022 | FlavorCloud

By Bernadette Hunter | December 2, 2021

While we’re all beginning to see the end of another holiday season in sight (virtual high-five to all of us for surviving another BFCM), it’s time to look at your plans for 2022. If you’ve been neglecting or just outright ignoring international shipping, this is the year to let it grow your business by up…