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What is Guaranteed DDP? | FlavorCloud

By Robin Moore | February 20, 2022

Two top concerns cross-border consumers have are high shipping costs and long delivery times. These worries are so important that customers often abandon their shopping carts. Merchants can easily address these concerns by offering DDP shipping. This gives your customers what they want—the best shipping costs, shortest delivery times, no surprises, and an excellent customer…

An Introduction to Shipping Dangerous Goods | FlavorCloud

By Robin Moore | February 4, 2022

Running an ecommerce business involves a lot of moving parts. There’s the obvious stuff, like choosing the right products, marketing, site design, accounting, payment processing, packaging, and shipping. And then, each of those aspects breaks down into smaller subsections, like nesting dolls of necessary knowledge.   So, at first glance, you need to decide about shipping…