Telved Devlet

Telved Devlet, FlavorCloud’s Vice President of Client Success and Operations, brings over 20 years of experience across organization building, revenue growth, customer retention, business forecasting, and business program development. Devlet boasts experience at big name companies like Microsoft, Nordstrom, and and he most recently led account management efforts at AVVO, a technology disrupter in the legal marketplace.

At FlavorCloud, Devlet leads the Client Success and Operations charter globally, focused on driving operational efficiency, building NSAT, designing for client-centric outcomes, and ensuring that revenue growth is poised to sustain via implementation of robust infrastructure. His vision is clear: proactive insights and quality customer engagement leads merchants and FlavorCloud to succeed as they build their businesses together.

Posts by Telved

Why it Pays to Set Expectations for International Shipping | FlavorCloud

By Telved Devlet | March 1, 2022

Patience is a virtue, the saying goes, but end consumers can have very different expectations when they hit that ‘order now’ button. Everyone—merchants, carriers, and customers—are aiming for fast as possible international shipping. But some things are simply beyond our control. So it’s wise for merchants to set expectations around delivery times. Done right, you’ll…