1. How do I generate labels and customs documents?

Once orders are placed on your site, you will be able to login to your FlavorCloud dashboard and generate documents and labels for your shipments. Click the order(s) and print invoice and labels individually or in bulk.

2. How do I setup payment instruments?

Login to your FlavorCloud Account, click on Billing and enter a payment instrument. You can choose a credit card or Paypal account. Your account will only be charged for shipments that you fulfill through FlavorCloud.

3. How can I get tracking details for shipments?

Once the orders are packaged and dispatched, FlavorCloud will allow you to track the shipment via the FlavorCloud dashboard. You will also see automated status on the dashboard.

4. Do you ship domestic?

No, we specialize in cross border international shipping.

5. Are there any minimums?

No, there are no shipping minimums and we can scale according to your needs. For large retailers we have rest API solutions.

6. What countries do you ship from and to?

We currently ship from and to 200+ countries around the world. If you require support for any new country please contact us at contact@flavorcloud.com

7. Do shipping rates change?

The shipping rates for a route are dynamic and will change based on current rates/volumes with carriers. However, what you see in shopping cart will remain the same at checkout.
We do not markup or change shipping rates. You benefit directly from our volume based discounts across our network of carriers.

8. Do you guarantee duties and taxes?

Yes, we provide guaranteed duties & taxes. You will be charged DDP (Delivery Duties Paid) and FlavorCloud pays these charges to customs on your behalf.
This is simply a pass through charge and service offered. If there are any differences in duties calculated by customs then we pay for the difference.

9. Do you insure shipments?

Yes, we offer insurance options that can be configured based on your needs.

10. What are the payment terms?

FlavorCloud charges Freight (shipping) + duties& taxes + FlavorCloud commissions for each shipment that is fulfilled through us.
Once you create a shipment in FlavorCloud, we charge your payment instrument as part of the daily billing cycle. You will be able to print the labels and documents after the payment is made.

11. How do I schedule a pickup?

FlavorCloud will work with you to schedule a one time pickup with the carrier or help setup a regular schedule for you. Contact FlavorCloud as soon as you are ready to ship at contact@flavorCloud.com

12. Does FlavorCloud allow shipping from multiple warehouses or from multiple suppliers?

Yes, FlavorCloud supports “anywhere to anywhere” shipping. We can handle marketplaces or retailers with multiple shipping origins within the same or different countries.
Contact your support team at FlavorCloud to help you configure the origins for Shopify or answer questions on how to do this via API.

13. Does FlavorCloud handle B2B shipping?

Not at this time. All of our shipments are international, cross border with the retailer (merchant) as the exporter of record and your consumers as the importers of record.
FlavorCloud expedites shipping, provides all the documents and helps with customs clearance.

14. I work with a pick and pack or fulfillment service – how can I leverage you for international?

We work with 3rd party fulfillment, warehousing and pick and pack services and integrate with several of them. Please contact FlavorCloud team at contact@flavorcloud.com so we can work with you on process or integration to make this seamless.

15. How do I configure my ShopifyPlus store to use FlavorCloud App?

a. In your Shopify store, go to Settings/Shipping, and remove “FlavorCloud” from the Domestic shipping zone. Then choose “FlavorCloud” rate service as the only option for your Rest Of World zone. Both are shown below.

b. For FlavorCloud to provide shipping options in your shopping cart, you need to enable third-party carrier calculated rates in Shopify as shown below. Please note that you will need to have an Annual plan or be on Shopify Advanced or Plus in order to use this service.

c. Enter your international package default dimensions (length x width x height), package weight (empty package with packing material) and product weight are mandatory fields. We will not be able to calculate shipping, duties and taxes without this information.

d. A HS Tariff Code under international settings is mandatory for each product in your store. You can look up the code in Shopify based on description of the product – the more descriptive the better. These universal commodity codes determine the customs and duties charged by local customs organizations.