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Integrating your cross border shipping experience has never been easier!

Third Party Logistics Providers (3PLs) can seamlessly integrate FlavorCloud to become an end to end international shipping provider, for shipping and returns. By integrating with FlavorCloud service, 3PLs are able to offer the ability for their merchants to grow their global footprint with best carriers and rates, seamless handling of customs, landed costs and compliance, as well as end to end customer service from pickup to delivery.


Below are the steps for a typical 3rd party logistics provider integration with Flavorcloud –
Step 1: 3PL sets up a FlavorCloud account
– Follow the instructions here to setup a FlavorCloud App and retrieve your App ID and API keys.

Step 2: Merchant adds 3PL user to their FlavorCloud account
-Merchant must add a 3PL user by going to the Users tab and creating a new user. 3PL needs to provide FlavorCloud email to the merchant (the one you use to login) to the merchant.
-An email is sent to the 3PL with a customer_key.
– As a 3PL, When making API calls on behalf of this merchant, pass in the customer_key in the request along with your App id and API key.

Step 3: Fulfillment integration with FlavorCloud
– Register for a “SHIPMENT_COMPLETED” event by calling Subscribe to webhook endpoint. You will be notified when the shipment is created via a webhook. This is the recommended method.
Alternatively, you can call the /POST shipment endpoint with the async flag set to false and retrieve tracking, labels, in the response.
– Call the Post shipment endpoint at the time of order fulfillment, from your WMS.
This will lead to creation of a shipment in FlavorCloud, it will also choose the appropriate carrier and rate based on what was chosen at checkout by end consumer. It will also create a label, relevant customs docs and tracking number.
o Include the App ID, API Key, Customer_key, rate_hash_key and duty_hash_key, reference and reason_for_sale in the request.
o When async flag is set to “false”, Shipment_id is returned in the response along with label and customs doc and tracking number links.
o When async flag is set to “true”, Shipment_id is returned in the response. When the webhook triggers for “shipment-completed”, you will receive label and customs doc and tracking number links as part of the callback.
NOTE: that changes/overrides to any of the following fields will invalidate the rate chosen at checkout and generate a new rate upon fulfillment of order –

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