Tracking Guide

One-off Tracking Lookup

GET -{AppID}/{RestApiKey}/{TrackingNumber}

The Tracking endpoint can help lookup tracking information for a shipment created in FlavorCloud. We will return tracking information across all carriers we support. Status details are determined by the carrier. Valid tracking statuses are:

  • In Progress – Label has been created but is not with carrier
  • In Transit – Shipment has been sent with carrier
  • Delivered – Carrier has delivered the shipment

The EstimatedDelivery field will only be available when the carrier supplies us with this information. Most carriers will not return this information until the package has been sent to them.






"Reference": "123456",

"TrackingNumber": "1688900097625",

"EstimatedDelivery": "",

"TrackingHistory": [


"Location": "",

"StatusDate": "2021-09-28T18:14:12",

"StatusDetail": "Shipment created and label generated APC LAX",

"Status": "In Progress"



"RootRequestId": "5a42d525-8541-492c-a2b3-60f0b6d51a17"