Agency for International Development

(U.S. government) Formerly a unit of the now defunct United States International Development Cooperation Agency, in 1999 the AID was transferred to the Department of State and reports directly to the Secretary of State. AID administers U.S. foreign economic and humanitarian assistance programs in the developing world, Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Among the economic programs are those that foster employment growth and that promote use of clean and efficient energy and environmental technologies. Maintains economic, social and demographic statistics for many developing countries. AID has field missions and representatives in approximately 70 developing countries in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Near East. Contact: Agency for International Development; Ronald Reagan Building; Washington, DC 20523-1000 USA; Tel: [1] (202) 712-0000 Fax: [1] (202) 216-3524; Web: See Center for Trade and Investment Services.

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