aircraft pallet

(shipping) A platform or pallet (in air freight usually from 3/4″ to 2″ thick) upon which a unitized shipment rests or on which goods are assembled and secured before being loaded as a unit onto an aircraft. Most carriers offer container discounts for palletized loads.
Palletization results in more efficient use of space aboard freighter aircraft and better cargo handling, particularly when used as part of mechanized systems employing such other advances as pallet loaders and pallet transporters. The pallet loader is a device employing one or more vertical lift platforms for the mechanical loading or unloading of palletized freight at planeside.
The pallet transporter is a vehicle for the movement of loaded pallets between the aircraft and the freight terminal or truck dock. Sometimes the functions of both the pallet loader and pallet transporter are combined into a single vehicle. See pallet.

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