Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

(U.S.) An independent agency within the U.S. State Department which reviews dual-use license applications from a nonproliferation perspective–anything that could impact on the proliferation of missiles, chemical and biological weapons, and nuclear weapons. The agency was created in 1961, has about 200 to 250 staff and has a fairly substantial and growing technology transfer and export control function. The director is the principal arms control adviser to the secretary of state, the president and the NSC on: conventional arms transfer; commercial sales of munitions; nuclear, missile, chemical and biological warfare; East-West military munitions issues; and negotiating Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the Third World on strategic trade. Contact at: U.S. Arms Control & Disarmament Agency; 320 21st St. NW; Washington, D.C. 20451; Tel: [1] (800) 581-ACDA; Fax: (202) 647-6928; Web: See United States Department of State.

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