Carrier Initiative Program (CIP)

United States

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program established in 1984, as a joint effort among air, sea, land and rail carriers and CBP to address the problem of drug smuggling and terrorism in the United States on board commercial conveyances. By signing the CIP agreement with CBP, carriers agree to enhance their security at foreign and domestic terminals as well as on board their conveyances. Additionally, they agree to cooperate closely with CBP in identifying and reporting attempted or suspected smuggling attempts or other criminal activity. In return, the Customs Service agrees to conduct both domestic and foreign security site surveys, post-seizure analysis, and provide training to identify security weaknesses within their company and suggests improvements to better their security systems and measures. The CIP is one of the CBP Industry Partnership Programs (IPP).

For more information contact the CBP Industry Partnership Programs at 1 (202) 927-0520 or go to:

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