Certified Trade Missions Program


Former name: state/industry organized, government approved (S/IOGA). The U.S. Department of Commerce, through its Certified Trade Missions Program, offers guidance and assistance to federal, state and local development agencies, chambers of commerce, industry trade associations, and other export-oriented groups that are interested in becoming more actively involved in export promotion. Certified Trade Missions open doors to government and business leaders in promising export markets around the world.
Once the sponsoring organization has selected the countries to be considered, proposed an itinerary, and outlined its mission goals and objectives, the Department of Commerce coordinates the mission itinerary with its commercial staff at U.S. embassies and consulates overseas. These posts help to arrange the mission’s activities to make the most productive use of each member’s time at each stop on the itinerary. Some missions also include informational or technical seminars specifically designed to exhibit and promote sales of sophisticated products, technology, or services in targeted markets.

Contact: Certified Trade Missions; U.S. Department of Commerce; 1401 Constitution Ave.; NW, Washington, DC 20230 USA; Tel: 1 (202) 482-2000, Web: www.export.gov/ctm/index.asp.

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