Commerce Control List (CCL)

(U.S.) A list of all items–commodities, software, and technical data–subject to U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security (formerly the Bureau of Export Administration) export controls. Incorporates items controlled for foreign policy and other reasons. The list adopts a totally new method of categorizing commodities and is divided into 10 general categories: (1) materials, (2) materials processing, (3) electronics, (4) computers, (5) telecommunications and cryptography, (6) sensors, (7) avionics and navigation, (8) marine technology, (9) propulsion systems and transportation equipment, and (10) miscellaneous. Replaced the former Commodity Control List as of September 1, 1991. Contact: Bureau of Industry and Security; Office of Public Affairs; Room 3895; 1401 Constitution Avenue NW; Washington, DC 20230 USA; Tel: [1] (202) 482-4811; Fax: [1] (202) 482-3617; Web:; See export control classification number.

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