The currency of:
American Samoa (uses U.S. dollar)
Anguilla, EC$1=100 cents;
Antigua and Barbuda, 1EC$=100 cents;
Australia, $A1=100 cents;
Bahamas, B$1=100 cents;
Barbados, Bds$1=100 cents;
Belize, Bz$1=100 cents;
Bermuda, Bd$1=100 cents;
British Indian Ocean Territory, (uses U.S. dollar);
British Virgin Islands (uses U.S. dollar);
Brunei, B$1=100 cents (sen);
Canada, Can$1=100 cents;
Cayman Islands, CI$1=100 cents;
Christmas Island, (uses Australian dollar);
Cocos (Keeling) Island, (uses Australian dollar);
Cook Islands, (uses New Zealand dollar);
Dominica, EC$1=100 cents;
Ecuador, (uses U.S. dollar);
El Salvador, (uses U.S. dollar);
Fiji, F$1=100 cents;
Grenada, EC$1=100 cents;
Guam (uses U.S. dollar);
Guyana, G$1=100 cents;
Heard and McDonald Islands, (uses Australian dollar);
Hong Kong, HK$1=100 cents;
Jamaica, J$ 1 =100 cents;
Kiribati (uses Australian dollar);
Liberia, $1=100 cents;
Marshall Islands, (uses U.S. dollar);
Micronesia, (uses U.S. dollar);
Midway, (uses U.S. dollar);
Montserrat, EC$1=100 cents;
Namibia, (uses U.S. dollar);
Nauru (uses Australian dollar);
New Zealand, $NZ1=100 cents;
Nive, (uses New Zealand dollar);
Norfolk Island, Uses Australian dollar);
Northern Mariara Islands, (uses U.S. dollar);
Palau, (uses U.S. dollar);
Panama, (uses U.S. dollar);
Pitcairn Island, (uses New Zealand dollar);
Puerto Rico (uses U.S. dollar);
St. Kitts-Nevis, EC$1=100 cents;
St. Lucia, EC$1=100 cents;
St. Vincent and the Grenadines, EC$1=100 cents;
Singapore, S$1=100 cents;
Solomon Islands, SI$1=100 cents;
Suriname, $Sur1=100 cents;
Taiwan, NT$1=100 cents;
Timor Leste, (uses U.S. dollar);
Tokelan, (uses New Zealand dollar);
Trinidad and Tobago, TT$1=100 cents;
Turks and Caicos Islands (uses U.S. dollar);
Tuvalu (uses Australian dollar);
United States, US$1=100 cents;
Virgin Islands, U.S. (use U.S. dollar);
Zimbabwe, Z$1=100 cents.

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