entry documents

(customs) The documents required to secure the release of imported merchandise.
(U.S Customs) Within five working days of the date of arrival of a shipment at a U.S. port of entry, entry documents must be filed at a location specified by the district/area director, unless an extension is granted. These documents consist of:
1) Entry Manifest, Customs Form 7533; or Application and Special Permit for Immediate Delivery, Customs Form 3461, or other form of merchandise release required by the district director.
2) Evidence of right to make entry.
3) Commercial invoice or a pro-forma invoice when the commercial invoice cannot be produced.
4) Packing lists if appropriate.
5) Other documents necessary to determine merchandise admissibility.
If the goods are to be released from Customs custody on entry documents, an entry summary for consumption must be filed and estimated duties deposited at the port of entry within 10 working days of the time the goods are entered and released. See entry.

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