CFA = Financial Community of Africa
BCEAO = Central Bank of the West African States
CFP = Pacific Financial Community
The currency of:
Benin, CFA Franc BCEAO;
Burkina Faso, CFA Franc BCEAO;
Burundi, FBu1=100 centimes;
Cameroon, CFA Franc BEAC;
Central African Republic, CFA Franc BEAC;
Chad, CFA Franc BEAC;
Comoros, Comoros franc;
Congo, Dem. Rep. of, Fc1=100 centimes;
Côte d’Ivoire, CFA Franc BCEAO;
Djibouti, DF1=100 centimes;
Equatorial Guinea, CFA Franc BEAC;
French Pacific Islands, 1 CFP Franc=100 centimes;
Gabon, CFA Franc BEAC;
Guinea, GFr1=100 centimes;
Guinea-Bissau, CFA Franc BCEAO;
Liechtenstein (uses Swiss franc);
Mali, CFA Franc BCEAO;
New Caledonia, 1 CFP Franc=100 centimes;
Niger, CFA Franc BCEAO;
Rwanda, RF1=100 centimes;
Senegal, CFA Franc BCEAO;
Switzerland, 1SwF=100 centimes;
Wallis and Fortuna, 1 CFP Franc=100 centimes;
Togo, CFA Franc BCEAO.
The former currencies of: Andorra, Belgium, France, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Luxembourg, Martinique, Monaco, Reunion Island and St. Pierre. The new currency of these countries is the European Union Euro. i1 = 100 cents.

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