ocean shipping

Freighter can refer generally to any marine vessel that carries freight, but applies more specifically to traditional non-container vessels that carry break-bulk cargo. Traditional freighters utilize numerous deck-mounted cranes to transfer uncontainerized cargo such as cartons, bales, drums, palletized cargo, machinery, and vehicles from a wharf or lighter onto the vessel, where longshoremen or stevedores, in a very time-consuming process, stow the cargo into the holds. Traditional freighters are obsolete in all but the most remote ports of the world. Some have been converted to carry containers and dry bulk cargo such as grain, coal, phosphates, fertilizers, and animal feeds, but most have been sold as scrap metal.

air transport

An airplane designed to carry freight; a cargo aircraft. Most airplanes are available from the manufacturer in either passenger or freight configurations. In some cases the airplane can be configured as both passenger and freighter. In some cases older passenger airplanes that are considered past their prime are converted to freighters.

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