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Note: GS1 came into existence when the Uniform Code Council (UCC) and the Electronic Commerce Council of Canada (ECCC) joined EAN International.

A not-for-profit international organization whose mission is to develop a set of standards enabling the efficient management of global, multi-industry supply chains by uniquely identifying products, shipping units, assets, locations and services. Individuals worldwide see EAN barcodes on virtually all consumer products. Worldwide consistency in identification practices enables the sharing of electronic data and streamlines the supply chain. Founded in 1977 to form a Universal Product Code (UPC), EAN aimed to facilitate the development of such standards. It seized a lead role in encouraging and propagating standards and achieved worldwide acceptance. Today 97 member organizations from 99 countries support its activities and disseminate information to about 850,000 member companies who benefit from using the EAN-UPC system. The main activities of member organizations include the allocation of unique numbers, distribution of specialized publications, training on EDI and bar coding and supplying information on the continued development of EAN standards.

Contact: GS1; Blue Tower; 326 Avenue Louise; 1050 Brussels, Belgium; Tel: +32 2 788 7800; Fax: +32 2 788 7899; Web:

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