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How do I choose the international shipping options customers will see in checkout?

To select your preferred settings, open your FlavorCloud app 

In-App Terms of Trade Options

–  Go to Admin > Shipping
–  Scroll to Service Levels and Terms of Trade
Under Service Level select the level(s) you want (Standard, Express etc.)
–  Under Terms of Trade select DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) or DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) 

DDP and DDU recommended

We always recommend selecting DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) as your customers will see and pay the full landed cost at checkout (including duties, taxes, and fees). It means there will be no unexpected customs bills later on and a smooth delivered. We also recommend turning on DDU, since some customers may not want to pre-pay their customs charges. In most cases we have seen offering both DDP and DDU to your customers maximizes conversion, but you should test to learn about your specific store.

You can learn more in our DDP vs DDU guide: The difference between DDP and DDU. 

Important note: to enable DDP shipping, all products in your store must have HS codes, weights, and Country of origin assigned. FlavorCloud uses this information to calculate costs. For more see How to set up your products for international shipping. 

Service Level
The options available are Standard, Express, Economy Standard and Economy Premium. Please note: Economy service levels are available only for specific order volumes (contact us for more information). When sent DDP, the estimated delivery windows from the day of shipment are: 

Standard: 6—14 business days
Express: 2—5 business days
Economy Standard: 7—11 business days
Economy Premium: 4—7 business days
NOTE: DDU orders can take up to an additional 2 to 3 weeks for deliver 

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