Interagency Group on Countertrade


Established in December 1988 under Executive Order 12661, reviews policy and negotiates agreements with other countries on countertrade and offsets. The IGC operates at the Assistant Secretary level, with the Department of Commerce as chair.

Membership includes 11 other agencies:

  1. the Departments of Agriculture,
  2. Defense,
  3. Energy,
  4. Justice,
  5. Labor,
  6. State,
  7. Treasury,
  8. the Agency for International Development,
  9. the Federal Emergency Management Agency,
  10. the U.S. Trade Representative,
  11. the Office of Management and Budget.

Contact: Assistant Secretary of Trade Development; U.S. Department of Commerce; 14th Street and Constitution Ave. NW; Washington, DC 20230 USA; Tel: 1 (202) 482-1461.

See countertrade; offsets.

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