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International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

international standard

The internationally recognized standard numbering system used to identify serial publications (such as newspapers, annuals, magazines and journals). Each ISSN is comprised of two groups of 4 digits separated by a hyphen. The eighth character is a control digit calculated using the preceding 7 digits. If the calculation equals “10” the control digit is “X” (e.g., ISSN 1234-567X). The ISSN is simply an identifier of a specific serial. The ISSN does not identify the serial’s country of origin, language, contents, frequency of publication or copyright.

The ISSN was originally established by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and is currently administered from over 60 national centers. The International Center in Paris handles central distribution of ISSNs and takes care of countries that do not have their own national center.

Contact: ISSN International Center; 45 rue de Turbigo ; 75003 Paris France; Tel: +33 1 44 88 22 20; Web: www.issn.org.

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