Line Release System

(U.S. Customs) A part of the U.S. Customs’ Automated Commercial System, is designed for the release and tracking of shipments through the use of personal computers and barcode technology. To qualify for line release, a commodity must have a history of invoice accuracy, and be selected by local Customs districts on the basis of high volume. To release the merchandise, Customs reads the barcode into a personal computer, verifies that the barcode matches the invoice data, and enters the quantity. The cargo release is transmitted to the Automated Commercial System, which establishes an entry and the requirement for an entry summary, and provides the Automated Broker Interface system participants with release information. See Automated Commercial System.
(Canada Customs) A Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) import shipment program that allows for the quick clearance of commercial shipments. The LRS processes release information before a shipment arrives at the border, thereby speeding the process of deciding to release a shipment or to refer it for examination.
The Line Release System has two release procedures called service options:
Prearrival Review System (PARS) Available to importers and brokers who can send invoice and manifest information to the CBSA before a shipment arrives; and
Frequent Importer Release System (FIRST) (pre-2008) Formerly available to importers of frequent, low-risk shipments. FIRST required prior CBSA authorization.

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