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Low Value Shipment Program (LVS Program)

(Canada Customs) Also called the Courier/LVS Program.
A Canada Customs program designed to streamline the processing of low-value shipments through customs while providing the courier industry with expedited release.
Fundamental aspects of the Courier/LVS Program include:
A combined cargo report and release document called the “cargo/release list” for goods valued under $1,600 CAN
Expedited release of qualifying shipments based on the information contained on the cargo/release list
Accounting for duties and taxes on these shipments on a consolidated monthly entry or CADEX transmission on an “F” type entry
Compliance verification of courier and importer records by the CBSA to validate proper and complete accounting.
For more information go to www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/import/courier/courier/menu-e.html.

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