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My customer’s order was lost in transit. How do I ship it again?

As an online merchant, you know problems arise even with the best systems in place. While we choose our carrier partners with care, on rare occasions, a package may be lost in transit. 

If a package is lost in transit, you may want to ship the customer’s order again. To do this, you will need to fulfill it through FlavorCloud again as if it is a new order. 

FlavorCloud ships any valid orders. You can duplicate your order through your online store to create another order. In your e-commerce platform, you can adjust the order’s cost and submit the order at no cost to the customer. 

After that, you will fulfill the order like any other order in FlavorCloud. Due to carrier regulations, the order will be subject to all applicable shipping fees. Even if the original order was lost, this is a new order the carriers ship and track. 

We understand a lost package can cause frustration for both you and your customer.  Read more about who pays for lost shipments here. 

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