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National Customs Automation Program (NCAP)

(U.S. Customs) A planned U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) automated and electronic system for processing commercial imports into the U.S. The NCAP is the first functionality of the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). The plan is for the NCAP to include the following existing and planned components:
1) Existing components:
a) The electronic entry of merchandise. b) The electronic entry summary of required information. c) The electronic transmission of invoice information. d) The electronic transmission of manifest information. e) The electronic payments of duties, fees, and taxes. () The electronic status of liquidation and reliquidation. g) The electronic selection of high-risk entries for examination (cargo selectivity and entry summary selectivity).
2) Planned components:
a) The electronic filing and status of protests. b) The electronic filing (including remote filing) of entry information with the Customs Service at any location. c) The electronic filing of import activity summary statements and reconciliation. d) The electronic filing of bonds. e) The electronic penalty process. f) The electronic filing of drawback claims, records, or entries. g) Other related components initiated by the CBP.
Participation in the Program is voluntary.

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