National Security Directive #53

(U.S.) NSD-53 deals with the export licensing process and sets specified time periods for resolving disputes on both national security and foreign policy export license applications. Under NSD-53, exports controlled on both of these grounds are subject to explicit timetables for interagency dispute resolution at the Sub-Cabinet level by the Advisory Committee on Export Policy (ACEP), and at the cabinet level by the Export Administration Review Board (EARB). The Directive requires escalation to the ACEP not later than 100 days from the filing date of the applicant’s application, and if the disagreement cannot be resolved by the ACEP, for review and resolution by the EARB within 35 days of the date of the ACEP meeting. Cases not resolved by the EARB must be escalated to the president for resolution. The new procedures also permit an agency to refer a case at any stage of the dispute resolution process to the NSC for a 30 day policy review. See National Security Directives.

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