Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

(U.S.) The NRC regulates the transfer of nuclear facilities, materials and parts with uniquely nuclear applications (such as items associated with nuclear reactors). The U.S. Department of Energy regulates the transfer of information relating to nuclear technology. The U.S. State Department controls defense articles and services, such as nuclear weapons design and test equipment. The U.S. Department of Commerce controls a range of dual-use items with potential nuclear application. Validated licensing controls are in effect for commodities and technical data identified to be useful in the design, development, production or use of nuclear weapons or nuclear explosive purposes. These commodities compose the “Nuclear Referral List” (NRL). Any item under national security-based licensing requirements and intended for a nuclear-related end-use/end-user is also subject to review. In addition, any commodity that will be used in a sensitive nuclear activity is also subject to validated licensing controls. License applications for U.S. export of NRL items as well as applications that may involve possible nuclear uses are reviewed by the U.S. Department of Commerce in consultation with the Department of Energy. When either Department believes that the application requires further review, the application is referred to the Subgroup on Nuclear Export Coordination (SNEC). The SNEC is comprised of representatives from State, Defense, ACDA, and the NRC. Contact: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Office of Public Affairs (OPA); Washington, D.C. 20555-0001 USA; Tel: [1] (800) 368-5642, or [1] (301) 415-5575; Web: See Nuclear Suppliers Group; Zangger Committee.

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