strikes, riots and civil commotion

(insurance) An insurance policy endorsement, usually referred to as S.R.&C.C. (strikes, riots and civil commotion) coverage, which extends the insurance policy to cover damage, theft, pilferage, breakage or destruction of the insured property directly caused by strikers, locked-out workmen or persons taking part in labor disturbances, riots or civil commotions.
Destruction of and damage to property caused by vandalism, sabotage and malicious acts of person(s) regardless of (political/ideological/terroristic) intent be it accidental or otherwise is also held covered under S.R.&C.C. unless so excluded in the F.C.&S. (free of capture and seizure) warranty in the policy.
The S.R.&C.C. endorsement excludes coverage for any damage or deterioration as a result of delay or loss of market, change in temperature/humidity, loss resulting from hostilities or warlike operations, absence/shortage/withholding power, fuel, labor during a strike (riot or civil commotion) or weapons of war that employ atomic or nuclear fusion/fission.
In order to eliminate the war cover from the marine policy it became customary to add a “free of capture and seizure” clause, stating that the policy did not cover warlike operations or its consequences, whether before or after the actual declaration of war. Currently, most open policies omit war perils from its insuring conditions and in all cases will include a F.C.&S. clause. War coverage is customarily furnished in conjunction with an open cargo policy and is written under a separate, distinct policy-the War Risk Only Policy.
See war risk; war risk insurance; open policy.

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