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Structural Impediments Initiative (SII)

(U.S./Japan) The SII was started in July 1989 to identify and solve structural problems that restrict bringing two-way trade between the U.S. and Japan into better balance.
Both the U.S. and Japanese governments chose issues of concern in the other’s economy as impediments to trade and current account imbalances. The areas which the U.S. government chose included: (1) Japanese savings and investment patterns, (2) land use, (3) distribution, (4) keiretsu, (5) exclusionary business practices, and (6) pricing. Areas which the Japanese Government chose included: (1) U.S. savings and investment patterns, (2) corporate investment patterns and supply capacity, (3) corporate behavior, (4) government regulation, (5) research and development, (6) export promotion, and g) workforce education and training.
In a June 1990 report, the U.S. and Japan agreed to seven meetings in the following three years to review progress, discuss problems, and produce annual joint reports.

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