tanker trailer (road)

(road transportation) A truck trailer manufactured around a rigid tank and designed to carry a wide variety of fluid cargo. Standard cargo for tanker trailers includes: refined gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, acids, industrial chemicals, caustic soda, clay slurry, cooking oils, corn syrup, orange juice, milk, and other foodstuffs. Some fluid cargo requires specially designed tanks. For example, tankers designed to transport caustic soda and certain acids require sidewalls, exterior paint, and fittings that will withstand the corrosive effects of the cargo. The standard axle/wheel configuration is 2-axle/8-wheel. For heavier loads, 3-axle/12-wheel or 4-axle/16-wheel configurations are available.
Options include multiple compartments (one to seven), discharge pumps, metering equipment, insulated tanks, pressure tanks, ladders, walkways, hose carriers, and belly cabinets.

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