temporary importation under bond (TIB)

(U.S. Customs) Temporary admission into the United States under a conditional bond for articles not imported for sale or for sale on approval.
Certain classes of goods may be admitted into the United States without the payment of duty, under bond, for their exportation within one year from the date of importation when they are not imported for sale, or for sale on approval. Generally, the amount of the bond is double the estimated duties. The one-year period for exportation may, upon application to the district or port director of Customs, be extended for one or more further periods which, when added to the initial one year, shall not exceed a total of three years. There is an exception in the case of automobiles or any parts thereof which are subject to a total period of six months which may not be extended.
Merchandise entered under TIB must be exported before expiration of the bond period, or any extension, to avoid assessment of liquidated damages in the amount of the bond.
Classes of goods which may be entered under a TIB include a wide range of merchandise. Some examples are: (1) merchandise to be repaired or altered; (2) wearing apparel for use as samples; (3) articles imported by illustrators or photographers for use solely as models; (4) samples for use in taking orders; (5) articles solely for examination with a view to reproduction; (6) articles intended solely for testing; (7) automobiles and other motor vehicles, boats, balloons, racing shells etc. and the usual equipment of the forgoing, imported by non-residents for the purposes of taking part in races; (8) locomotives and railway equipment for use in clearing obstructions; (9) containers for holding merchandise; (10) articles of special design for temporary use in connection with the manufacture of articles for export; (11) animals brought into the United States for the purposes of breeding; (12) theatrical scenery, properties and costumes; (13) works of fine art brought in by lecturers; (14) automobiles, other motor vehicles, and parts thereof brought in for show purposes.
Relief from Liability. Relief from liability under bond may be obtained in any case in which the articles are destroyed under Customs supervision, in lieu of exportation, within the original bond period. However, in the case of articles imported solely for testing or experimentation, destruction need not be under Customs supervision where articles are destroyed during the course of experiments or tests during the bond period or any lawful extension, but satisfactory proof of destruction shall be furnished to the district or port director with whom the customs entry was filed. See ATA Carnet; bond; in bond.

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