Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee

(U.S.) The president established the TPCC in May 1990 to unify and streamline the government’s decentralized approach to export promotion. TPCC members include Departments of Commerce (as chair), State, Treasury, Agriculture, Defense, Energy, and Transportation, the Office of Management and Budget, the U.S. Trade Representative, the Council of Economic Advisers, Eximbank, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the U.S. Information Agency, the Agency for International Development, the Trade and Development Program, and the Small Business Administration. The TPCC chair office is at the U.S. Department of Commerce. 19 agencies are on the committee. The Trade Information Center was created as one of the main missions of the TPCC. The TPCC is not a body which would be contacted by the general public. If you have questions about what they do, or how it works, call [1] (800) 872-87233.

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