(logistics) A secured, weatherproof building where raw materials, component parts, finished products and/or freight and cargo can be stored. There are many different types of warehouses including:
customs bonded warehouse : A warehouse where goods may be stored under the direct or indirect supervision of a country’s import or export authorities.
public warehouse : A warehouse subject to government regulation where a number of different firms may store goods.
private warehouse : A warehouse operated by a manufacturing or trading firm, often adjacent to a manufacturing plant or port, used solely to store that firm’s goods.
special commodities warehouse : A warehouse designed with special facilities and authorized to store unique products such as chemicals (in tanks), grain (in elevators) and tobacco (in barns).
temperature controlled warehouse : A warehouse that has either heating and/or refrigeration to maintain goods at a specified constant temperature.
U.S. Customs bonded warehouse : A federal warehouse where goods remain until duty has been collected from the importer. Goods under bond are also kept here. See surety; bond; in bond.

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