What are the types of Tracking Status?

Changing technology allows us to track our shipments internationally better than before. However, some of the alerts on the tracking pages are not always self-explanatory. 

FlavorCloud tracks both Standard and Express shipments. Each type has a slightly different journey throughout the shipment process. 

Status: Shipment Created 

A tracking number generates when the order is fulfilled regardless of shipping speed. 

On the tracking page, it will say the shipment has been created. Think of this as the pre-shipment step. The package is packed, all the shipment details are created, and the carrier is aware the package is coming to them, but it has not started the journey. 

This step generates the shipping information that goes on the package itself and ensures the package is paid for accurately. 

Status: Customs Status Updated 

An international shipment may have the customs status updated before leaving the warehouse. In this case, the shipment has not left quite yet, but the electronic shipping system is aware of the package’s customs status, which allows it to pass more easily through customs. 

Status: Shipment Picked Up 

For express shipments, this status indicates that the package has been picked up and left the facility. With express, there is no waiting between the initial scan and the package’s transit. Once the shipment is picked up, it is in transit.    

Status: Parcel Order Scanned 

When the carrier receives the package for standard shipments, they scan it in. This origin scan will update the status to “Parcel Order Scanned.” When you see this status update, the carrier has the package, but it has not yet started traveling to the destination. 

Typically, it will depart the next business day. 

Status: Departed Processing Center 

When the package begins traveling to its destination, the status will update to indicate departure. The following scan will indicate how far the package has traveled since leaving the processing center. Typically, this status updates within 24 hours. 

Status: In Transit 

While the shipment is traveling to the destination, it will make stops along the way. Each time a shipment arrives at a new place, it is scanned and creates a scan record. Each scan between the department of the processing center and the end delivery will show as “In Transit.” The scan will also contain the shipment’s location at the time of the scan. 

Status: Delivered 

A delivered status means that your package has been dropped off at the final destination. For example, it may be at the door or handed directly to a resident. 

Standard Carriers: First Mile, Global Mile, Final Mile 

Standard shipments get the parcel to the customer in the most cost-effective and timely manner. This often means that it may pass through multiple carriers. So, the carrier that picks up the package will pass it off to another carrier at one or more points. 

  • First Mile: The carrier handling the shipment from the warehouse to the consolidation facility 
  • Global Mile: The carrier handling the shipment from the consolidation facility to the destination country
  • Final Mile: The carrier delivering the shipment to the end destination

On your tracking pages, you may see multiple carriers and tracking numbers. This is because each carrier has a unique tracking number to follow. 

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