Who pays for lost shipments?

Losing a shipment is a frustrating process. At FlavorCloud, we are diligent about our partnerships with carriers. We ensure our partner carriers are reliable. As a result, FlavorCloud’s rate of lost shipments is less than 1%. However, even the best carriers may lose a package for various reasons. 

Each carrier has a different process when a package is lost. If your package was insured, you have a good chance of getting some compensation for the lost shipment. However, insurance costs extra for each shipment. 

In these rare cases of lost shipments, many merchants may decide to ship the order again. However, we understand that can cost your business. 

As a merchant, you have options to give yourself peace of mind for situations like this: 

  • Offer in-checkout insurance options, putting the decision on your customer if they want to insure the package or not. 
  • Ensure you have general business insurance 
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