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World Intellectual Property Organization

A particular branch of the United Nations network of organizations that strives to champion international cooperation in the protection of intellectual property around the globe through cooperation among states, and establishes various “Unions”, each established on a multilateral treaty and dealing with legal and administrative aspects of intellectual property.

WIPO gives the international Union for the Protection of Industrial Property (the “Paris Union”), which was established in 1883 to reduce discrimination in national patent practices, the International Union for the Protection of Literary and Artistic works (the Bern Union”), which was established in 1886 to provide relative functions with respect to copyrights, and other treaties, conventions and agreements concerned with intellectual property. Contact: World Intellectual Property Organization; 34, chemic des Colombettes; P.O. Box 18; CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland;

Tel: [41] (22) 338-9111; Web: www.wipo.int. See patent; copyright; service mark; trademark; Patent Cooperation Treaty.

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