A Calendar of given ocean shipping freight prices for the transportation of oil in large amounts that are meant to be used as a reference point to establish and compare prices for all types of ships and market levels.  The oil

Aquatic transportation network uses the Worldscale rates to communicate the market level in terms of percentage of the Worldscale nominal freight rate.  For example, Worldscale 100 (or Worldscale Flat) is the price determined and reported by the WorldScale Association’s. Worldscale 150, or WS 150 as it is sometimes known, means 150 percent of the announced rate, while WS 50 means 50 percent of that rate.  The Worldscale schedule was first produced on September 15, 1969 as a stand in for the London-issued International Tanker Normal Freight Scale and the New York-issued American Tanker Rate Schedule.

Worldscale Association (London) Ltd.; Copenhagen House; 5-10 Bury Street; London EC3A 5AT;  Tel: [44] (0)20 7456 6600; Web:

Worldscale Association (New York) Inc.; 116 John Street, Suite 620;

New York, NY 10038 USA; Tel: [1] (212) 422-2786;

Web: www. World

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