Small Business International Shipping Options

Thank you for your interest in FlavorCloud! We'd love to help you expand and optimize your international direct to consumer and wholesale shipping.

Based on your current cross-border shipping volume, you can determine the best next steps for your business based on the options below.


Merchants shipping from your own warehouse

  1. Shopify Merchants - Please click here.
  2. WooCommerce Merchants - Please click here.
  3. BigCommerce Merchants - Please click here.
  4. All other platforms - Explore our API documentation.


ShipBob 3PL Merchants

  1. Follow ShipBob's Self-serve Onboarding Instructions here.
  2. Interested in learning more about working with ShipBob? Contact us at to see if they may be the right fulfillment solution for you.


All other 3PLs and WMS Systems:

  1. Please reach out to us at to discuss finding a FlavorCloud-enabled 3PL or WMS that works best for you.