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International sales represent a huge opportunity for ecommerce merchants, with global ecommerce sales hitting $4.28 trillion in 2020. By 2024, they’re projected to grow by 47% to $6.3 trillion.

But the complexities of cross-border selling are a significant barrier for many online merchants. Customs rules, duties, taxes, currencies, pricing, shipping logistics­—it can seem overwhelming.

With FlavorCloud, it’s easier than you think to expand your Shopify store into new markets, convert more international sales, and ship across borders hassle-free. FlavorCloud has the largest cross-border carrier network with the most comprehensive coverage, delivering the best shipping rates and customs handling every time. FlavorCloud’s customers experience an average international cart conversion increase of 80%!

Here’s how to begin selling internationally:

Why sell internationally?

The continued growth in international ecommerce speaks for itself. But also consider the percentage of international traffic you receive to your site today, which you can view using Google Analytics. On average, Shopify stores receive a significant 35% of international traffic.

Take a look at your Sessions by location report in your Shopify Analytics; you may be surprised that a high proportion of traffic to your site is already coming from other countries. With FlavorCloud, you can work with your account rep to help monetize this existing traffic by expanding to all global markets.

After your 1st quarter of selling internationally, you can start investigating and optimizing. Working with your FlavorCloud rep, you can identify key markets and purchase details to help inform conversion optimization tactics within the FlavorCloud app. This can help you determine CAC and conversion data to inform your marketing strategies for specific markets across various channels. Even if international visitors are comparatively low, you can still determine key markets and tactics.

Taking care of international shipping

The logistics of worldwide shipping can be the biggest hurdle in expanding your business with international sales.

By installing the FlavorCloud app on your Shopify store, you provide a seamless international checkout experience for your customers within the native Shopify checkout. FlavorCloud offers the best shipping options and guaranteed duties paid service, customized real-time by country. We also take care of the entire cross-border shipping process post-purchase, from carrier route optimization to customs documentation, export, and import customs clearance, compliance, even VAT filing for UK & EU for fast and friction-free worldwide delivery.

There are no monthly fees or setup costs. FlavorCloud’s pay-per-shipment model scales with your business. In less than a day, you’re ready to ship anywhere in the world and optimize your international sales.

Currency localization and pricing

Shopify research found 92% of shoppers prefer to purchase on sites that price in their local currency (33% are likely to abandon their cart if the price is in US dollars only). A 2018 PayPal survey suggested 76% of global shoppers expect the option to pay in their local currency.

That’s a significant reduction in potential customers. But with Shopify Payments, it’s easy to customize.

FlavorCloud’s app works with the built-in geolocation feature to enable  133 currencies. Simply select your chosen market in settings and add a new country or region.

Please note, these automatic rates can fluctuate with the exchange rate. So, a customer could return later to see a (disappointing) price increase. This is easily remedied. Store owners can set fixed exchange rates or make individual country-specific product price adjustments.

International payment methods

In the US, credit cards are preferred. In comparison, German customers might expect EPS (electronic payment standard).

Therefore, offering local payment methods (direct and secure) is a great idea, creating familiarity, trust, and convenience as well as significantly increasing conversion at checkout. With Shopify Markets and Shopify Payments, you can set up a range of relevant local payment methods for speed and convenience.

Language translation

A comfortable, easy shopping experience leads to higher conversion rates, so localizing language is a powerful way to increase international sales.

Almost 80% of international shoppers prefer to browse online stores in their native tongue. To do this, leverage the built-in geolocation feature that intelligently identifies the country or region of your visitor and presents the right content.

FlavorCloud recommends the following Shopify compatible apps:

The priority will be translating your high-traffic pages, product descriptions, legal and terms of services information, and email notifications (for order confirmations and shipping, etc.).

But don’t overlook minor content. Translated alt text, meta descriptions, and other details will help your store earn higher international search rankings.

Country-specific domains

If you’ve implemented localized language, currency, and pricing for different countries and markets, you’ve already made significant headway into optimizing your international sales.

You can take it a step further with international domains, which provide international visitors with a localized storefront experience, e.g., a UK shopper seeing instead of your core .com domain.

A strong international domain strategy helps convert more sales and helps improve your store’s SEO rankings to attract more potential customers.

FlavorCloud recommends the use of subdomains rather than creating new domains as best practice for global ecommerce. If you use a Shopify-managed domain, you can set up a subdomain directly in your Shopify admin for no extra cost.


In summary, it’s clear to see why international is the #1 growth driver for brands looking to go global and expand their sales.

With FlavorCloud, you can offer a seamless international shipping experience for your customers on par with domestic.



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