March 1, 2022

The Logistics of Logistics Podcast: The FlavorCloud Story with Rathna Sharad | FlavorCloud

Our Rathna Sharad, FlavorCloud’s Founder and CEO, recently joined Joe Lynch on the ‘Logistics of Logistics’ podcast to talk about the origins of FlavorCloud and how we’re shaping the future of international shipping. The podcast is a fantastic listen and covers the following topics.

Why the demand for cross-border shipping is more significant than ever

As more and more consumers find brands online via platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, demand has boomed. The internet has no borders, but cross-border shipping can be highly complex. FlavorCloud solves that problem, making international shipping easy, affordable, and friction-free, anywhere in the world.

About FlavourCloud 

“Think about it as an anywhere to anywhere logistics problem for our marketplace, for our brands, for the consumers and how they actually interact with the checkout”.

FlavorCloud is SaaS technology that powers cross-border ecommerce across 200+ countries. Our AI algorithm automates a complex, antiquated, and often manual shipping processes.

Rathna covers how FlavorCloud has the best shipping rates and optimized routes for customers, taking care of all customs requirements for international shipping through our truly global, distributed, and remote team.

The Journey So Far:

FlavorCloud came from a lightbulb moment when our founders realized the shipping problems their initial startup was solving for could empower and benefit the whole global ecommerce ecosystem.

FlavorCloud’s first incarnation was a problem-solving API, originally listed as an app in Shopify, but we’ve experienced massive growth and now plug into warehouses and shopping carts everywhere!


Hear Rathna talk about the influences of her childhood in India, 25 years working in cross-border logistics, ecommerce and tech, and the journey that has led to FlavorCloud and beyond.

You’ll also get an in-depth insight into how the FlavorCloud platform works and how it helps brands leverage and optimize international sales, taking more and more brands global.

“The market and the landscape are going through such a tremendous transformation. It’s about the next level of automation and machine learning and AI that we can apply to these complex problems.”

For the full podcast, listen here.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about FlavorCloud and how we can help you take your international sales higher with easy, affordable, and friction-free cross-border shipping.

Trilby Rajna

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