Enabling ecommerce brands go global



FlavorCloud makes international shipping and returns easy, affordable and friction-free for eCommerce, “anywhere to anywhere”

Easy Integration

An end to end cross border eCommerce service, plugs right into shopping carts, and your fulfillment network, for shipping and returns.
API first technology and apps for all major shopping platforms that remove all complexity related to international trade or logistics; simply “plug and play”.
Enterprise grade APIs scale with your business needs.

Largest Premium Cross Border Logistics Network

Enabling every retailer to become a global retailer.
Optimize your supply chain as you grow, enabling seamless “door to door” delivery from warehouse(s) or suppliers in any country to consumers, leveraging our world-class logistics network of carriers, brokers, regional providers and partners.

Affordable International Shipping Rates

Offer a choice of shipping services at the lowest shipping rates in the industry (85% discounted), optimized at checkout based on consumer location and retailer preferences.
Sophisticated routing algorithms provide the most efficient international carrier choices at volume discounted rates from “anywhere to anywhere”.

Guaranteed Landed Costs

Guaranteed and accurate landed costs calculated real-time, at checkout, with 99% accuracy.
Automate classification of your products, calculate duties and taxes, and stay up-to-date on the fluid world of trade and tariff regulations.

Regulatory Compliance

Automate all compliance with regulatory needs. Eliminate fines and fees.
Complete compliance checking and paperwork automation worldwide.

Labels, Documents & Tracking

Automate customs processes for shipping and returns; generate labels, country specific customs paperwork and commercial invoices.
Simplified customs and brokerage handling, with seamless door to door delivery and tracking.

Hassle Free Returns

Provide hassle free returns for international orders.
True reverse logistics, automation of returns by country.

Customer Service

Fully managed service, from tech integrations to proactive customer service management.
The customer success team helps brands with any questions from pickup to delivery including recommendations to optimize your supply chain.



We make it easy for fast growing, digitally native, direct-to-consumer brands, eCommerce retailers and marketplaces around the world to go global.
Expand your global presence and optimize your international shipping options with a powerful one click checkout experience for 200+ countries.
Connect to the largest cross border network of carriers, customs entities and regional logistics providers to instantly ship worldwide, hassle-free for you and your consumers.


FlavorCloud’s simple REST APIs offer the most flexible, “plug-n-play” international shipping solution in the market for DTC brands and retailers.
Fast and easy integrations to optimize your checkout experience on any platform, as well as, integrate easily with downstream 3PL or fulfillment systems.


We support integrations with all the top e-commerce platforms via Apps and APIs.
For most platforms, enabling international shipping through FlavorCloud in your shopping cart is as simple as clicking a button.
We are a simple carrier integration for 3PL or fulfillment systems delivering the power of a turn-key global network.


Our super simple REST APIs make it easy for 3PL/Fulfillment/WMS/ERP Platforms to get up and running within hours.
Our turn-key solution are flexible and delivers global scale with a powerful cross border network.
Designed to fit into your existing e-commerce, transportation and fulfillment workflows.


Our Platform and Partner Ecosystem

Why FlavorCloud?

why FlavorCloud?

We enable brands to go global.

Increase International Sales And Footprint

International conversion optimization engine leverages deep learning to increase conversions by 80% on average

Cheapest Shipping Rates

The largest premium cross border network of 250+ carriers and providers enables lowest shipping rates in market – 85% discounted rates on average.

Guaranteed Landed Costs

Sophisticated trade, compliance algos ensure guaranteed duties and taxes at checkout with 99% accuracy.

Returns Simplified

Seamless international returns handling through true reverse logistics

Why FlavorCloud?

Making International Shipping & Returns Easy, Affordable and Friction-free

Ready for a demo? Talk to an international logistics expert on how we can power your global shipping needs.


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