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EU Import Guide

Are you looking to export products to the European Union? Do you want to tap into the EU market to achieve growth? The EU is an attractive market for merchants to expand their business as many countries within the region have significant buying power and expanding needs and wants for products outside the bloc. But…

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Understanding Kits, Sets, or Bundles When Shipping Internationally

Creating kits, sets, and bundles is a great way to offer value to your customers and sell more products. But when shipping internationally, you must meet global standards for what constitutes a kit, set, or bundle. Who sets these rules? That would be US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the World Customs Organization (WCO), and…

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Whit’s Global Trade Compliance Update

Global Trade Compliance is an ever-evolving and complex environment and a vital component of shipping internationally. Our updates aim to keep you well-informed on important changes to Trade Compliance laws, regulations, or requirements—which could fundamentally impact your international shipping business. At FlavorCloud, our mission is to make international shipping easy, affordable, and friction-free—anywhere in the…

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Guide to Declared Value & Customs Valuation | FlavorCloud

Along with other data points, chiefly among them the three international trade data elements (HTS, ECCN/export control classification, and Country of Origin), it is imperative that correct customs valuation is used for each international transaction. Correct trade data points and proper customs valuation streamlines the export and import processes, ensuring your goods flow smoothly and…

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