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FlavorCloud is a cloud-based cross border logistics platform that powers international shipping

We are a team of cross border logistics experts with technology DNA and deep operational expertise in international eCommerce and global trade. We built FlavorCloud ground up, as an “anywhere to anywhere” logistics platform, to solve the enormous challenges of navigating the antiquated, manual and deeply fragmented, global shipping and trade landscape.

FlavorCloud makes international shipping and returns easy, affordable and friction-free, enabling retailers and brands in any part of the world go global.

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Updating Country of Origin in the FlavorCloud Product Grid

By FlavorCloud Team | July 26, 2023

You can update the country of origin directly in the Products Grid once your products have been imported. Clicking into the Country of Origin field opens a drop-down allowing you to select a country. After you have made updates, you will need to refresh the page. After you refresh, you can discard or approve the…

Bulk HS Classification in the FlavorCloud Product Grid

By FlavorCloud Team | July 26, 2023

Merchants can now easily and accurately classify products with the right HS Codes every time, ensuring smooth and compliant cross-border trade. With the new tools in the Products section of the FlavorCloud app, you can classify your products individually or in bulk. The FlavorCloud classification engine, powered by advanced deep learning algorithms, effortlessly identifies and…

Independent Foreign Sales & Revenue Tax Registration for Merchants

By FlavorCloud Team | July 25, 2023

JULY 2023 GLOBAL TRADE COMPLIANCE NOTICE SCOPE All Merchants selling internationally through FlavorCloud DDU (DAP & DPU) and DDP shipments Destination-specific itemization below by country Sales & Turnover thresholds and timeframes outlined below by country PURPOSE FlavorCloud takes care of the various import duties, taxes, and tariffs assessed at the time of parcel importation. Certain…

Updating Product Weights for Accurate Shipping with FlavorCloud

By FlavorCloud Team | July 14, 2023

Accurate product and packing material weights are critical in cross-border logistics, allowing FlavorCloud to calculate cross-border costs rapidly and precisely at checkout. As a best practice, we encourage our customers and partners to periodically review and update these weights to maintain accuracy in calculated international shipping costs. Weight at Checkout vs. Weight at Fulfillment FlavorCloud…

Consumer-Facing International Shipping FAQ For Merchants – Returns

By FlavorCloud Team | May 5, 2023

Below, FlavorCloud merchants will find FAQs that can be added to their sites to answer questions that their customers might have about the international shipping process.  How do I request and initiate a return? We want you to be delighted with your purchase! If you want to return your item, you can contact us. We’ll…

How do I generate a Return in FlavorCloud?

By FlavorCloud Team | April 27, 2023

You can generate a return label and documents once a shipment’s status is at least “In Transit” and a return is requested by the customer. Step 1: Select the order to be returned On the shipment grid, navigate to the shipment you wish to create a return for. Searching by tracking number, order number, or…

How do I set up Conversion Optimization Rules in FlavorCloud?

By FlavorCloud Team | April 21, 2023

FlavorCloud’s Conversion Optimization tools are designed to help you increase your sales and revenue by optimizing your shipping and landed cost rates. Shipping and Landed Cost Rules allow you to create markups and discounts that can be fine-tuned with a number of options. Shipping Cost Options To create a new Shipping Cost Rule, navigate to…

How do I Integrate FlavorCloud with WooCommerce?

By FlavorCloud Team | April 20, 2023

Please follow the following steps to install FlavorCloud in your WooCommerce store to enable international shipping.  The application for integrating WooCommerce with FlavorCloud is not built, maintained, or supported by FlavorCloud. The integration tool is a paid app built by a third party.   Get the FlavorCloud Shipping for WooCommerce Application The integration app can be…

Rates Quote Tool

By FlavorCloud Team | April 13, 2023

What is the FlavorCloud Rate Quotes Tool? The Rate Quote & Shipment Label Tool is a tool that provides a shipping rate quote and enables the creation of a shipping label for a shipment. How do I access the tool? You can access rate quotes under Admin > Tools > Rate Quotes in the lefthand…

The FlavorCloud Analytics Dashboard

By FlavorCloud Team | April 13, 2023

What is the Analytics Dashboard in FlavorCloud? The Analytics Dashboard is a feature within FlavorCloud that provides users with key performance indicators (KPIs) and other valuable data insights. For a detailed guide to using the analytics dashboard, read Optimize Growth with Analytics Dashboard and Conversion Optimization Tools. How do I access the Analytics Dashboard? To…