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FlavorCloud’s Enhanced Carrier Network Service Levels

FlavorCloud’s carrier network service levels provide tailored solutions for your cross-border shipping needs and give you and your customers access to the right shipping options at checkout. FlavorCloud is the only cross-border platform to offer this variety of service options.

4 Service Levels

Our Carrier Network offers four distinct service levels to cater to a diverse range of shipping requirements:

Standard Economy: A cost-effective option for budget-conscious customers, offering reliable delivery times within a reasonable timeframe.

Standard Premium: Combining affordability with quicker delivery windows, perfect for customers seeking a balance between cost and speed.

NOTE: If an order’s value exceeds USD 800, express service must be used.

Express Economy: Swift shipping at competitive rates, designed for time-sensitive deliveries without compromising cost-effectiveness. Carrier insurance is available.

Express Premium: The fastest option in our lineup, ensuring expedited delivery. Supports Dangerous Goods, B2B, and carrier insurance is available.

Service Level Delivery Speed Cost Ideal For
Standard Economy Moderate Budget Value-conscious customers
Standard Premium Moderate-Fast Balanced Cost-effective, timely shipping
Express Economy Fast Competitive Time-sensitive, cost-effective
Express Premium Very Fast Premium Expedited delivery, no compromise


Contact FlavorCloud for a detailed description of the features and capabilities of each service level.

Adding Enhanced Service Levels

Partners & 3PLs

Our enhanced service levels empower third-party logistics providers and partners to extend their merchants a wider range of options.

If you access FlavorCloud through your 3PL and want to add economy service levels, you must contact your 3PL to add them to the account.


Merchants benefit from a comprehensive spectrum of service levels to precisely match their shipping demands and choose the right offering for their customer base.

Most merchants will find that the premium express and standard shipping options suit their and their customers’ needs. For merchants who are operating at scale or who are expanding their cross-border operations, we offer additional economy service levels.

If you work directly with FlavorCloud and want to add these service levels to your account, contact FlavorCloud at support@flavorcloud.com.

Enabling Service Levels

Step 1. Get in contact directly with your Customer Success Manager or Support (support@flavorcloud.com) to add these service levels to your account.

Step 2. Once the service levels have been added to your account, you will still need to enable them before customers can see them as options during checkout.

Start by finding the service level settings for your account under Account > Shipping.










Step 3. Select the service level you want your customers to see and the terms of trade you offer for that service level.

Step 4. Save your changes

For any inquiries or assistance in selecting the ideal service level for your shipments or your account settings, our dedicated support team is here to help at support@flavorcloud.com.

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