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rulings on imports

(U.S. Customs) An exporter, importer, or other interested party may get advance information on any matter affecting the dutiable status of merchandise by writing the District Director of Customs where the merchandise will be entered, or to the Regional Commissioner of Customs, New York Region, New York, NY 10048 USA, or to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Office of Regulations and Rulings, Washington, DC 20229 USA. Detailed information on the procedures applicable to decisions on prospective importations is given in 19 Code of Federal Regulations part 177.
Tip: Do not depend on a small “trial” or “test” import shipments since there is no guarantee that the next shipment will receive the same tariff treatment. Small importations may slip by, particularly if they are processed under informal procedures which apply to small shipments or in circumstances warranting application of a flat rate.

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