August 23, 2022

3 Ways to Drive Increased Conversions Today | FlavorCloud

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With a recession looming, many ecommerce merchants are struggling to manage the impact of rising fuel costs, peak pricing, and changing consumer spending behavior. Working with FlavorCloud not only gives you access to our negotiated pricing with no additional surprise carrier fees or surcharges, but we can also suggest a few simple ways to help you optimize your online sales today.

1. Change your FlavorCloud Carrier Name at Checkout

Did you know that you have the power to optimize conversions by simply changing your Carrier Name in your checkout settings? Try changing your display from “FlavorCloud” to “International” and see how your sales increase. Already using “International”? Try using the Actual Carrier Name option. Do this in the FlavorCloud app by clicking here, talk to your FlavorCloud Account Manager, or email our Customer Service Team at with your store’s domain name, and they will be happy to change this for you!

NOTE: Whatever name you use here will now be the option that shows up anywhere you would typically see “FlavorCloud” including shipping zones and draft orders. Be sure to keep your warehouse in the loop, too!

2. Add Our DDU (Deliver Duties Unpaid) Shipping Option

We know you love us for our ability to give you and your customers the best possible experience through offering our low-cost guaranteed DDP (Deliver Duties Paid) shipping. But if your customers love your products so much that they would happily pay their duties and taxes at the time of delivery instead of at checkout, consider a test of adding our DDU shipping options to your cart. Giving your customers more choice can mean more conversions! Do this in the FlavorCloud app by clicking here, talk to your FlavorCloud Account Manager, or email our Customer Service team with your store’s domain name to have us turn this on for you!

NOTE: Economy Standard and Economy Premium options are not currently available.

What this look like at checkout when you do both #1 and #2.

NOTE: We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear! In the coming weeks, we will also be testing new checkout language to replace the DDU and DDP acronyms with more consumer-friendly descriptions. Keep the feedback coming!

3. New Carrier Alert!

To bring you even more affordable carrier options, we have added a great new low-cost carrier for light (under 4LBs) parcels using UPS Mail Innovations (aka UPSMI). If you are using our Standard service today with APC, adding UPSMI to your carrier options will allow APC and UPSMI to compete for the shipment based on which service offers the lowest price for that specific customer. This is available for both DDP and DDU and costs around 20% less than APC. Lower costs displayed at checkout can mean more conversions!

IMPORTANT: UPSMI relies on postal carriers like USPS (United States Postal Service), so be advised that they can have a higher rate of package loss, package damage, and reduced tracking in exchange for those lower costs. UPSMI consolidates via UPS, just like APC does today. You can also use your existing UPSMI pick-up if you have one already for domestic shipping (a different pick-up from UPS). Talk to your FlavorCloud Account Manager or email our Customer Service team to enable UPSMI for you today!

Did you know?

FlavorCloud offers lower rates for merchants meeting monthly shipment minimums (including DDU and DDP shipments). Ensure that you are using us as your exclusive international carrier so you can qualify for lower rates as soon as possible!

Bernadette Hunter

Bernadette Hunter serves as the VP of Sales and Partnerships at FlavorCloud, with more than twenty years of experience in sales and marketing.

Bernadette taught herself to code in the late ’90s, which led to her first start-up role in Silicon Valley at the beginning of Y2K. Since then, she has held sales executive roles at big companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Yahoo.

When not helping ecommerce retailers efficiently ship cross-border, she is an avid senior dog foster mom, and in her spare time, she loves movies, gaming (Switch and Oculus), and all things pop culture.

Bernadette leads our Direct Sales team, partnering with merchants to scale their businesses. We’re thrilled to have her on our leadership team since June 2021.

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