FlavorCloud Announces Decreases in Shipping Costs Amidst Inflation and Industry-Wide Increases

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With the new year comes the annual general rate of increase, or GRI. For carriers, the GRI reflects their need to cover rising costs across the shipping industry. Last year’s rate increase was the highest in over a decade, and this year’s increase comes in at 6.9% to 7.9%, as announced by the largest global carriers, FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

In 2023, supply chain complications continue to be impacted by many factors. Some effects are still being felt from COVID-19, including shipping delays and cost increases. Other major drivers of the higher-than-usual rate raises include sharp increases in inflation and operational costs.

Between the expected and the unexpected, there’s a lot for customers to keep track of. That’s where FlavorCloud comes in.

FlavorCloud’s Rates 2023

Against this backdrop, FlavorCloud is happy to announce cost savings for our customers and partners for all our standard and economy services (both DDP and DDU). Despite recession and inflation concerns, we were able to optimize our first-mile, global-mile, and last-mile options with our carrier and partner ecosystem to provide best, cost-effective options for international shipping. FlavorCloud leverages dynamic, AI-based route optimization to find the best options; therefore, our customers will continue to see better rates throughout the year as market dynamics change, and fuel costs subside.

Our network-wide reductions range from 0.76% to 3.75% for the top 20 markets!


Express shipping is a slightly different story, and these services will experience a GRI increase in line with market—around 6.9%-7.9%. This is due to the aforementioned economic factors; however, FlavorCloud continues to offer significant volume-based discounts for express services with best routes and prices through our Global Carrier Network. We also continue to work with our express carriers to bring costs down, so stay tuned for more upcoming updates!

FlavorCloud’s Volume-Discounted Shipping Rates

When you partner with FlavorCloud, you can rest assured that we’re working to help mitigate increasing international shipping rates. With over 300 carriers in our global network, we have the power to advocate for our customers. You can count on FlavorCloud to:

  • Negotiate the best rates at huge discounts.
  • Automatically address customs changes to allow for smooth clearance through FlavorCloud customs network
  • Optimize delivery routes so if a carrier experiences a problem, we can easily switch to another.
  • Clearly presents DDP-only options and guaranteed full landed cost alongside DDU.

We’re here to provide our customers with a seamless experience, and we will continue working hard to negotiate the best rates for our customers.