FlavorCloud & ShipBob: A Powerful Solution for International Shipping and Fulfillment | FlavorCloud

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We’re extremely proud to announce FlavorCloud’s new partnership with industry-leading international fulfillment platform, ShipBob.

It means ShipBob’s Shopify, BigCommerce & API merchants can now seamlessly plug into FlavorCloud’s extensive global cross-border carrier network and intelligent shipping algorithm to grow their international sales easily.

ShipBob: a Global Omnifulfillment Platform

ShipBob provides merchants with a single view of their business and customers across all of their sales channels, enabling them to manage products, inventory, orders, and shipments, while also leveraging growth-boosting analytics and reports.

Now, fully integrated with FlavorCloud, ShipBob customers can benefit from a frictionless and loyalty-building international shipping and returns experience from FlavorCloud­.

Guaranteed DDP

FlavorCloud’s algorithm and technology finds the best price and route via the most extensive global carrier network and automates the complex world of international trade and regulations.

It empowers merchants to ship orders guaranteed DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) to 200+ countries and territories, offering ShipBob merchants a premium level of international parcel shipping to meet increasing customer demand.

Automated Customs Filing

Shipping DDP ensures duties and taxes are calculated (and collected at time of purchase), all without leaving the checkout cart. This means customers won’t be surprised with unexpected additional bills before delivery and brands will not receive additional surcharge bills.

As well as providing discounted rates and best routes, FlavorCloud’s managed shipping service also takes care of customs requirements and filing automatically—something previously not possible for ShipBob customers.

Raji Bedi, ShipBob CPO, said: “By partnering with FlavorCloud, we’re able to automate calculations of cross-border duties and taxes at the cart level and tap into their algorithm for the best rates and DDP options for international shipping.”

“We’re excited to add this innovative offering to our customers for the international fulfillment process, while giving shoppers what they want—transparency at checkout, quick delivery times, and no surprises when they receive their orders.”

Up and Running in 24 Hours

The FlavorCloud platform is fully integrated with ShipBob, so once installed, the service is ready to go within 24 hours. ShipBob customers can use FlavorCloud for shipments from their own facility (as part of ShipBob’s Merchant Plus program) or from ShipBob facilities worldwide.

We’re already supporting sellers on Shopify and BigCommerce, and FlavorCloud is easily integrated with any other platform or custom cart via our APIs.

Uptick in International Conversion Rates

ShipBob merchants shipping internationally with FlavorCloud can expect a significant drop in lost or damaged packages, a healthy uptick in international conversion rates, and heightened brand loyalty thanks to the white glove DDP shipping service.

A ShipBob customer, Paul Jackson, Co-Founder of Animalhouse Fitness, has seen the benefits of FlavorCloud’s service, explaining:

“For months, customers were begging us to ship to their country. We tried using DDU shipping from the US to Canada but realized what a pain it was in terms of customer experience. With DDP shipping, we could open up international shipping from the US and expand into global fulfillment centers. We’ve seen a drastic drop in cross-border inquiries and a lift in revenue of almost 25%.”

An Exciting Partner for FlavorCloud

Mike Sanchez, Chief Revenue Officer at FlavorCloud, explains why ShipBob is such an exciting partner for FlavorCloud:

“We’ve been admiring their logistics platform and best-in-class fulfillment solution for some time. We’re honored to provide ShipBob customers with the opportunity to go global, drive growth and create seamless end-customer experiences.”

If you have any questions or need any help with your international shipping, please get in touch at: support@flavorcloud.com