What are HS codes?

The short answer is: a product code. The Harmonized System (HS) is a standardized international system used to classify globally traded products, managed by the World Customs Organization (WCO). All countries use HS classification to identify and regulate imports and exports and calculate duty fees and taxes.

Each product is classified with a universal commodity code of up to six digits. Individual countries can then add further digits to classify in more detail (for specific tariffs and regulations). FlavorCloud takes the six-digit HS code from your product listing in your online store, then determines the country-specific detail from the destination address of the order.

How do HS Codes work?


The first two digits identify the category of the goods, known as the ‘Chapter’ (e.g. HS-18 would mean cocoa and cocoa preparation). The next two digits, known as ‘Heading’, identify sub-groups e.g. HS-1806 indicates chocolate and other foods containing cocoa. The next two digits, known as ‘Subheading’, are even more specific, e.g. HS-180610 refers to added sugar or other sweeteners.


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