September 18, 2020

Origin Story of FlavorCloud | FlavorCloud

Our CEO and Founder, Rathna Sharad had the opportunity to discuss FlavorCloud with Ramon Vela, the founder one of our favorite podcasts , The Story of a Brand . The Story of a Brand Podcast is a show focused on e-commerce brands and the entrepreneurs, products, and customers that make up the brand and a perfect place to discuss how the origin of FlavorCloud and how we transform e-commerce brands into global brands.

What is FlavorCloud and what problem does it solve for customers?

In the first part of this Feature, Rathna discusses the in’s and out’s of FlavorCloud. – listen to Part One here  

– FlavorCloud, what it is and how it works;
– The Origins of FlavorCloud;
– Looking at every possible solution until finding the right one;
– Pivoting the previous company into Flavor Cloud;
– The complexities of the problem

What obstacles has FlavorCloud encountered and how did they solve them?

In the second part Rathna’s comments regarding her obstacles and her advice on how best to combat those obstacles will benefit any entrepreneur no matter what gender you are. – Listen to Part Two Here

– Being primed by Amazon Prime; COVID Implications;

– The growth of international e-commerce;

– The new reality of building a brand to be international;

– Her background;

– Dealing with work-related stresses through kickboxing and yoga;

– Expressing the client experience through FlavorCloud;

– Optimizing shipping strategies while remaining cost-effective;

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