How do I cancel a fulfillment?

In FlavorCloud, you have complete control of your orders. If an order needs to be cancelled, there are two paths: 

  • Fully cancel the order 
  • Cancel the fulfillment of the order 

If the customer no longer wants the product or wants to modify their order, cancelling and allowing them to reorder may be the best route. Other reasons to cancel may include inventory issues or other problems on the merchant side. 

The most efficient way to cancel the order entirely is to go through your online store for these situations. FlavorCloud is integrated directly with your online store. So, any change you make in your store, such as a cancellation, will update FlavorCloud. 

FlavorCloud will receive the order cancellation and update the order. If, for some reason, you try to fulfill the order after it is cancelled, our software will not allow that fulfillment. We only allow fulfillment on valid orders. 

So, cancelling the order in your online store will take care of the order in both your store and in FlavorCloud. 

There are some situations where you may want to keep the order but cancel the fulfillment. Examples of this could be local, manual delivery, or another method of fulfillment that is not shipping. 

You can only cancel fulfillment for orders that are not already in transit. If your order is already in transit, the carrier is the only one able to change the order’s status. 

To cancel the fulfillment of a single order: 

  1. Navigate to the order screen.
  2. Click on the reference number for the order you would like to cancel.
  3. In the window that opens, click “Cancel Fulfillment.”


To cancel the fulfillment of orders in bulk: 

  1. Select the orders you want to cancel by checking each order.
  2. Select the “Actions” menu.
  3. Select “Cancel Fulfillment.”


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